Gaby Agis: Shouting Out Loud

Monday, 5 November 2018 Time: 4pm


NB: This performance takes place in The Great Hall at Liverpool Hope University's Creative Campus


Gaby Agis reconstructs two of her iconic works from the early 1980's. Shouting Out Loud will be performed by a cast of 13 intergenerational women from Liverpool with a soundtrack by seminal punk band The Raincoats. Close Streams, a duet, will be performed by Gaby Agis and Eeva-Maria Mutka.

“The 1980's were a period of great social and political unrest. Thatcherism was in full swing. The miners' strike, gay pride, anti-racist, and feminist movements dominated the landscape. This provided the context and backdrop to artists' lives. Again, we live in turbulent and uncertain times. By reconstructing Shouting Out Loud and Close Streams I am interested in discovering to what degree art reflects the times we live in.” - Gaby Agis

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£7.50 (£6.50 concessions)

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