LIJF triple bill

LIJF Presents Triple Bill

Sunday, 24 February 2019 Time: 1pm


After The Flood (1pm):

Neil Campbell – guitar
Marty Snape – guitar
Des Murphy – keys
Roger Gardiner – Overwater bass
Viktor Nordberg – drums

Imagine if the world was almost destroyed and there were just a few survivors left. With the goal of building a new positive world from the wreckage of the past what sort of music would surviving musicians make? After the Flood is a conceptual instrumental band hailing from Liverpool, UK featuring guitarist/composers Neil Campbell (Bulbs) and Marty Snape (Zeb/Bulbs), along with Roger Gardiner (Dead Poppies) on Overwater bass, Des Murphy (Zeb) on keys and Norwegian ace Viktor Nordberg on drums. The band create a pan-global music where each musician is an equal part of the whole. After the Flood's music draws on minimalism, folk music, progressive rock, African, Indian and other indigenous musical styles, using polyrhythms, cyclical structures and tight arrangements but allowing pockets of space for improvisation and self-expression.

“Imagine Paul Simon’s Graceland having a musical baby with Yes’s Fragile“- Amy Chidlow, GetIntoThis

“Filled with hypnotic grooves drawn from every corner of the globe this album is an affirmative vision of how cultures might interact once national divisions are abandoned after a catastrophic flood.” - The Musician


Deep Cabaret (2pm):

Maja Bugge – cello

Jayson Stilwell - overtone vocals

Steve Lewis - vocals and guitar

Ben McCabe - drums and vocals

Matt Robinson - bass clarinet, baritone saxophone

Paul Sherwood - hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes


Deep Cabaret emerged fully-formed from the intertidal mudfalts and cowbelly quicksands of Morecambe Bay creating an entrancement of riffs and drones. Desert blues improv and noir-drenched dronesongs; hurdies, bagpipes, cyzyk, cello , bass clarinet and bass drums make sparkling jazz, rooted folk and torching vocals that target your heart, spine, brain and feet. The music is fulsome and romantic one moment, edgy and disturbing the next. With lyrics sampled from literature, science, sit coms, anything that has something interesting to say about being human. "Gorgeous and stirring", "Wonderful and invigorating" audiences say. But you can't trust them, they've been entranced!


Ancient Infinity Orchestra (3pm):

Ozzy Moysey - Bass
Elliot Roffe - Bass
James Milligan - Guitar
Evan Davies - Violin
Harley Johnson - Keys
Joe Love - Drums
Matt Cliffe - Sax/Flute
Jacob Rider - Sax/Flute
Joel Stedman - Bass Clarinet/Flute

Ancient Infinity Orchestra is a nine-piece ensemble hailing from Leeds. One of the group’s starting aims was to distance itself from the perhaps overtly technical aspects of academic music and to find expression in compositions inspired by elemental forces, social politics and devotional music. In doing so the ensemble retain a sense of joy and exploration through improvisations that run the gamut from singing bowl and gong soundscapes to full band conversations; from a whisper to a roar. They find themselves Influenced by artists such as Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders and the Art Ensemble of Chicago and also draw influence from African, Indian and devotional music.

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