Arun Ghosh

LIJF: Arun Ghosh IndoJazz Sextet

Saturday, 24 February 2018 Time: 1pm


Presented by Milapfest and LIJF


Arun Ghosh - clarinet

Chris Williams - alto saxophone

Shirley Tetteh - electric guitar

Liran Donin - bass

Nilesh Gulhane - drums

Dave Walsh - drums


British-Asian clarinettist and composer Arun Ghosh makes his Liverpool International Jazz Festival debut, performing music from recently released album, But Where Are You Really From?, alongside works from his celebrated albums, A South Asian Suite, Primal Odyssey and Northern Namaste.

Described by the late Pandit Ravi Shankar as a 'natural born improviser', Ghosh is a renowned innovator of the modern IndoJazz style.Winner of  'Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year' at the 2014 Parliamentary Jazz Awards, he is a leading light on UK and international jazz scenes, captivating audiences and critics with his passionate and dynamic performance style, eloquent musical expression and charismatic rock 'n' roll spirit.

For this special one-off concert, Ghosh revisits his IndoJazz sound. Driven by a heady mix of hypnotic bass, tabla trickery and ferocious drum explosions, Ghosh's sweet and timeless melodies give birth to soaring improvisations and raag explorations. These South-Asian folk styles roll with Northern swagger, a contemporary jazz attitude, rocking beats and the passion of punk…a concert not to be missed!

“…uproarious and irresistible” - Daily Telegraph

“Life-affirming music that transcends cultural barriers.”  -  Manchester Evening News

“…an upfront mix of South Asian melodies and western street-grooves…” - The Guardian

“...extraordinary charisma and musicianship and a consistently riveting compositional skill”- Jazzwise

“What is this fiery music and where does it come from?” - Metro


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Free Admission (free priority admission available through Eventbrite)