Pascal Schumacher

LIJF: Pascal Schumacher

Thursday, 25 February 2016 Time: 7.30pm


Pascal Schumacher - vibraphone, glockenspiel

Franz Von Chossy - piano

Pol Belardi - bass guitar

Jens Düppe - drums

Winner of the Django D’Or for Young Talent in 2005 and Echo Jazz Instrumentalist of Year in 2012, vibraphonist/composer Pascal Schumacher's raison d'etre has always been to explore the links that exist between many musical genres. Indeed, it is often difficult to pigeon–hole his talent, his taste or his musical influences.

He is a vibraphone player with a unique aptitude and sensitivity who manages to inject panache and flamboyance into every performance. His flair for improvisation is married to a lucid inventiveness which together creates an original sound as visionary as it is melodic. As a physical performer, he is skilful, far-reaching and theatrical without being pretentious, making his performances inclusive and interesting to watch.

As a composer he writes not only for duo, trio, quartet and chamber music ensembles, but has also created and produced film, theatre and dance projects. He is also a laureate of no less than four of Europe’s most notable Conservatories from his home town of Luxembourg as well as those in The Hague, Strasbourg and Brussels and now teaches classical percussion and jazz vibraphone in the Luxembourg Conservatoire.

In 2015 his album Left Tokyo Right, featuring quartet and other guest musicians, showcased his own spin on Orientalism, pursuing a style of minimalism from the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi”, combining harmony and disorder. With the subtle, polished sound of his former quartet as a base, he has introduced a wide range of additions, creating a piece of art more diverse than anything he has recorded to this point. 

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