Drum Clash

LUMA Creations presents Drum Clash

Friday, 20 October 2017 Time: 7.30pm


Drum Clash is an original composition by Francisco & Oscar Carrasco for Candombe drums, Djembes, Samba Drums and Congas with visuals by Tristan Brady-Jacobs & Francisco Carrasco. An exciting new show featuring powerful drum beats from across Latin America, Africa and Europe, Drum Clash leaps between the traditional and the contemporary, taking a dynamic journey of rhythm and light with an emotive visuals narrative that presents the explosion of life and death.

Featuring: Curtis Watt, Oscar Carrasco, Allyson Byrne, Alina Carrasco Toft, Aiden Peel, Tito Carrasco-Brennan, Tristan Brady Jacobs, Maya Mitter & Francisco Carrasco

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