Rosie Kay Dance Company

Rosie Kay Dance Company - Double Points: K and Motel

Thursday, 10 November 2016 Time: 7.30pm


Choreography by Rosie Kay

Double Points: K

Based on the seminal work by Dutch/Italian choreographer Emio Greco, Rosie Kay collaborated with the choreographer to make create a new interpretation that is entirely her own. Basing the movement language on Greco’s practise, with its adherence to the use of breath, long stretch lines and shaking and release, the two dancers undertake a precise dance of structure, synchronicity and stamina. The vibrant sound score works in dub step, electro and Bach Concerto in A minor, brilliantly pulled together by composer Julian Guillamat. The dancers, both dressed in grey, seem to live in parallel universes, playing with energy, complex languages and end in an uplifting triumph of the joy of dancing.

“… An Everest of synchronicity, timing, defined body lines and stamina… For Kay, this choreographic re-interpretation is a triumph. Catch it if you can.” - The Herald ****

“It’s a perfect vehicle for Kay’s capacity for great explosive drama married with technical precision.” - Scotland on Sunday


New for 2016

A new duet, created by Rosie Kay to premiere 2016, inspired by the work of artists Huntley Muir and their series of Rooms paintings, who collaborate with Kay in this work.

A woman in a room. A man in another room. Are we looking at their future together, or are we witnessing memories of their destructive, dangerous, delicious past?

Motel explores the nothing spaces we inhabit that hold our lives, the time and space in between real life, where illicit affairs occur, and secret relationships play out, which evoke our deep, sensuous emotions.

Dark, sexy and exciting, this brand new work by leading UK choreographer Rosie Kay, showcases her sense of macabre, exquisite movement and dark, black humour.

Music by Ryoji Ikeda
Artistic Collaboration by Huntley Muir
Design by Louis Price



Rosie Kay Dance Company is an internationally recognised dance-theatre company that creates exciting and challenging work that tours in unique and captivating ways to theatres and unusual spaces such as military bases. Established in 2004 the company exists to nurture and further the creative talents of choreographer and director Rosie Kay, who is recognised as a leading choreographer in dance, film and theatre. Award winning and nationally prolific, Rosie Kay Dance Company makes a dynamic range of shows, always exploring in exciting ways what dance can be and how dance can be presented.

Ticket Details

£10 (£8 concessions)