Sebastian Reynolds

Solo Collective

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 Time: 7.30pm


Sebastian Reynolds - piano/keyboards/electronics

Anne Müller - cello

Alex Stolze – violin


Presenting Solo Collective, featuring collaborative performances from German classical/experimental musicians and composers Anne Müller (cello) and Alex Stolze (violin), with British pianist and producer Sebastian Reynolds. The evening will feature solo performances by Anne and Alex, and then a trio performance of Sebastian’s music. References for the music include the electro-acoustic piano music of Brian Eno, the counterpoint music of Steve Reich, and the influence of modern classical electronica innovators such as Murcof and the experimental composition of Arvo Pärt. 



Sebastian Reynolds is a producer, sound artist and multi instrumentalist from Oxford, UK. He has a wealth of experience and history collaborating with many great musicians and bands, as well as having formed UK cult experimental acts Keyboard Choir and Braindead Collective. He is now building up to launch his debut solo albums Remembrance/Epiphany, and will be performing with some of his closest musical collaborators, and for this tour will perform with Anne Müller and Alex Stolze . The performances will see the ensemble explore and reimagine Reynolds’ hauntingly atmospheric, mostly piano led electronic ambient sound worlds in a fascinating, collaborative manner. Reynolds has had acclaim for his recent work with dance company Neon Dance.

Anne Müller is versatile cellist who participates in a variety of different musical worlds. Born and raised in Berlin, she studied classical performance with Prof. Michael Sanderling at the 'Hanns Eisler' Academy and completed her Masters degree at the Frankfurt University of Music. Though she is an accomplished orchestral performer and chamber musician, Anne is also active in the realm of popular, contemporary, and experimental music. Equipped with an arsenal of effect pedals, she can be found performing across Europe and around the world with Danish Singer/Pianist Agnes Obel. Müller is also a frequent contributor to recordings on the UK-based neo-classical label Erased Tapes; here she can be found in collaboration with German Pianist Nils Frahm (7Fingers,2011) and Ólafur Arnalds (Stare, 2012). She also creates her own compositions as a solo artist, and is planning her next solo release.

As a violin player and composer, Alex Stolze describes his music as electronic chamber-pop. He combines string-based-textures with electronic beat-and-noise programming to write his songs and tracks. This gives him the attitude of a caveman in a high-tech environment. Before Alex started to work solo, the producer, violinist and singer was a centerpiece of the bands bodi bill, unmap and dictaphone. He toured most big cities in Europe as well as spending time in the art- and theatre-scenes of New York, Montreal and Zurich. He co-founded Krakatau Records, a label for experimental technosound from Berlin, Alex‘ birthplace and hometown until today. His studio though is located in the middle of nowhere, close to the polish border, where he finds the right tension to create his unique music.



Support - Daniel Thorne

Daniel Thorne is an Australian composer and saxophonist, now based in Liverpool. He is known in the city predominantly for his work as artistic director and saxophonist of acclaimed new music group Immix Ensemble. 

Prior to leaving Australia, Daniel was fortunate to work with some of the country’s leading new music ensembles as both a composer and performer, receiving commissions from the TURA New Music Festival and the Australia Council, as well as being appointed as Composer in Residence at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2009. Since moving to the UK, Daniel has continued to explore his interests in contemporary classical composition, improvisation and electronic music. He was the recipient of the 2013 Dankworth Prize for Jazz Composition, and in 2014 he undertook a residency at Metal Liverpool, which provided him with the time and space to create Immix. 

A firm believer in the importance of collaboration, Daniel frequently creates music with other artists. His collaboration with the experimental electronic artist, Vessel, resulted in Transition, released on the prestigious Erased Tapes label in 2016 and described by BBC Radio 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs as “a remarkable new piece of music.”  Most recently he worked together with the acclaimed modular synthesist, Luke Abbott, to create a four-part suite, Basic Forms, which was premiered by Immix in June 2017. He also has a longstanding partnership with singer-songwriter Tom Cowcher, and has provided arrangements and orchestrations for Bill Ryder-Jones, Stealing Sheep, James Canty, Dialect and Joe Wills.

This performance will see Daniel presenting newly composed solo material for saxophone and electronics, exploring notions of composed versus improvised, acoustic versus electronic, and the myriad of possibilities in between.

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