The Cornerstone Festival: CINAGE Live ‘‘Talking ‘bout my generation’

Thursday, 8 March 2018 Time: 5pm


NB: This event takes place in the Cornerstone Theatre, at Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus
Director Teresa Brayshaw writes:
"In 1966 artist and educator Sister Corita Kent created a list of 10 rules for students and teachers. The list, which was popularised by John Cage, addresses the importance of embracing uncertainty and learning to be fully awake to everything. Of the 10 rules it is rule 8 which counsels against trying to create and analyse at the same time – because they are different processes, and so with this in mind, I will say something about our creative process in the making of this theatre work, as a way to share some of my reflections on the CINAGE Live project.
Previously, I have never worked exclusively with ‘older’ people in the teaching or making of theatre, and so this project is something of new territory for me. I didn’t know quite how the extensive life histories and experiences of those people who had freely chosen to come together to take part in this project, might manifest. I couldn’t predict where the challenges and resistance might be. Neither could I know for certain whether the joy and pleasure that I get from engaging in practice led performance research, would be shared by this particular group of people. What I did know was that this particular group of people had a very diverse and distinctive set of experiences and expectations about what it might mean to make a new
‘contemporary’ theatre piece."

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