Destroyed By Shadows

The Cornerstone Festival: Destroyed By Shadows

Tuesday, 6 March 2018 Time: 7.30pm


"After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in these paintings that could not be changed, that they can be seen in any light and are not destroyed by the action of shadows." - John Cage (on Robert Rauschenberg's, 'White Paintings').

In paraphrasing and inverting John Cage's Zen-like ruminations concerning Rauschenberg's early monochromes, the Destroyed by Shadows exhibition, co-curated by artists John Bunker and Michael Stubbs, brings together contemporary painters who deliberately discombobulate abstract idioms in painting. In doing so they bring fresh inherently visual approaches to the received wisdoms and theory about the destroyed narratives of Modernism, abstraction and Post-Modernism. 

Following on the exhibition’s Private View at 6pm in The Cornerstone Gallery, this symposium will provide the opportunity for a panel of artists, including John Bunker, Michael Stubbs and Donal Moloney, to delve into a discussion centred on current issues in contemporary art, particularly exploring contemporary art’s place in its own history.


The exhibition Destroyed by Shadows will run in The Cornerstone Gallery from Wednesday 28th February until Thursday 12th April 2018 and will feature work by Dominic Beattie, John Bunker, Neil Gall, Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Peter Lamb, Harland Miller, Selma Parlour, DJ Simpson, Michael Stubbs, Shaan Syed, Clare Woods and Vicky Wright.

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