Tom Cassani

The Cornerstone Festival: Someone Loves You Drive With Care

Tuesday, 6 March 2018 Time: 5pm


NB: This event takes place in the Cornerstone Theatre, at Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus

'The Structure of a trick is imbalanced.

Watch everyday action turn into the impossible.

I place myself in vulnerable situations so we can examine the extremities of collectively constructed truth and lies. We will explore moments in time that have never happened. Will never happen. Moments that might have happened. Being born at the same time as a tree. Holding a stranger’s hand. Crying.

I will expose deceptive techniques, teach how to spot a deception, empty my hands and disarm myself of any hidden mechanisms. By stripping back any physical means of trickery we will explore and expose deception and truth together.

Tom Is a Performance Artist and Liar.

Trained in sleight of hand and prestidigitation, he uses deceit as an artistic platform to explore truth, honesty, authenticity and manipulation. Tom invites you to investigate his relationship with a practice founded on bending the truth and being honest about doing just that.'

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