Liverpool Jazz Celebration

LIJF 2024: Liverpool Jazz Celebration

Saturday, 24 February 2024 Time: 3pm

Important: First Admission Lists for Sets at This Event:

As this is a free admission event running from 2.30pm - 7pm, we expect that people will come and go throughout the afternoon, and so we do not wish to limit people's attendance of the whole event by requiring tickets for the whole afternoon. 

However, to manage capacity for individual performances in the Cornerstone Theatre (see schedule below) we are compiling 'first admission lists' for each set, for those people who have advised us in advance that they would like to attend particular sets. This is subject to availability.

Those who have advised us in advance that they are planning to attend a particular set, and have put themselves on the 'first admission list' for that performance, will be given first access to that performance 10 minutes before the set start time. 

After inclusion of those on the 'first admission' list, where there is additional capacity others will be admitted on a first come first served basis.

Please email Neil Campbell at to give names of you and your guests and the sets you would like to attend, and we will add you to the 'first admission list' for those performances.

When we have confimed that you have been added to one or more of these lists, please ensure you are ready to be admitted to the theatre 10 mins before the indicated set start time of the set you wish to attend to retain your first admission place.


About the Event and Schedule of Artists Performing:

LIJF 2024: Liverpool Jazz Celebration is a free admission event taking place in the Cornerstone Building (Cornerstone Theatre), 17 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HP on Saturday 24th Feb 2024 from 3pm - 7.30pm. It will showcase some of the most interesting and creative bands and projects on the Liverpool scene, including Olvine, Viktor Nordberg Quartet, LulaNova, KIPPERS, Malchamech and Sweet Beans. There will also be music by Liverpool Hope University students throughout the afternoon. Here are details of the schedule and some of the bands performing:

3pm – Olvine

Matthew Francis – trumpet, Shannon Noël - clarinet, Harry Jones – guitar, Harry Simmonds – keys, Will Hogan - bass, Tom Benson – drums

Less than two years on from their formation, Olvine is making waves. Building on their previous EP release, Brady’s Caravan, the band brings more music to the masses with their first full-length album, All Yours Mate. Accumulating the bits and pieces that elevate its sound in the most organic of processes, Olvine has grown from its initial members (Harry Jones, guitar; Harry Simmonds, keys) to include a disorientingly-good rhythm section (Tom Benson, drums; Will Hogan, bass), rounded out by an unexpected collection of horns and woodwinds (Matthew Francis, trumpet; Shannon Noël, Clarinet).

Recorded live at Quarry in Liverpool, the band has managed to capture in All Yours Mate the essence of what brings fans back to their live gigs time and time again: an undercurrent of something electric; anticipation and release; knowledge of (but disregard for) the theory behind why and how a beat can feel so good. Descriptions include; jazz meets jungle, oddmeters meet future soul, afrobeat meets drum & bass.


3.45pm – Viktor Nordberg Quartet

Luke Ledger - saxophone, Max O'Hara – piano, Callum Williams - bass, Viktor Nordberg - drums

Norwegian drummer, Viktor Nordberg, known for his versatility and collaborative spirit, joins forces with Max O'Hara on piano, Callum Williams on bass, and Luke Ledger on saxophone to deliver a captivating performance of his original material. Don't miss this chance to experience their seamless blend of musical styles and exceptional talent live on stage


4.30pm – LulaNova

Martin Smith – trumpet, Luciana Mercer - drums

Based in Liverpool, Luciana Mercer and Martin Smith have been writing and performing music together for over 10 years. Their various different groups and projects include classic jazz, latin, be-bop, contemporary dance, club night performances and more. Together they draw from all of these influences to concoct an intriguing and mesmerising blend of original composition and song. Evocative and beguiling, bossa nova-beat box sounds entice you into a world of intricately winding, melodic voices and hypnotic patterns. Each piece takes you on an intimate, colourful and harmonically adventurous journey, into a world that toys with your expectations.


5.15pm – KIPPERS

Nick Branton - clarinet & bass clarinet, Mark Hanslip - tenor saxophone, Alex McDowall - guitar, Michael Paul Metcalfe - drums

KIPPERS, formed by Nick Branton, explores the world of written melody and free improvisation. Inspired by the soprano saxophone pioneer Steve Lacy and Dutch jazz maverick Misha Mengelberg, their pieces have a direct influence from poetry with a unique and musically intuitive approach.


6pm – Malchamech

Richard Harding – chapman stick, Phil Hargreaves – saxes / flute, Richard Harrison – drums / percussion

Malchamech were formed over ten years ago, when Richard Harding acquired a ten-string Chapman Stick off of ebay, and I suggested that it would work well with a distortion pedal on the treble end. In fact it worked so well that we recruited Richard Harrison to make up the trio and Malchamech was born. The Malchamech sound is fully and freely improvised, but draws on various Rock sounds as much as the Free Jazz/Improv tradition. It's lively and intense, but not without its tender moments, and with the occasional groove to complement its abstractions. Their new album The Imperfection of Crowds is out now on whi music.


6.45pm – Sweet Beans

Adam Letman - saxophones, Joshua Blackwell - guitar, Miceal Sammon - trombone / bass, Henry Atkinson - drums 

“This band has to be believed to be seen” - Alan O'Hare, Black Deer

Sweet Beans have been called 'An Earthquake!' (Frank Griffith, LCR Radio), 'Like consuming mind-altering edibles' (Bido-Lido), 'Electric. Simply electric' (Helen Maw, Liverpool Noise) and 'A throbbing experience' (Jab, Melodic Distraction). Formed in the heart of the Phil Shotton Big Band in 2018, they come equipped with riotous horn lines, ripping guitar solos and a 4-to-the-floor beat guaranteed to make anyone dance.

Ticket Details

Free Admission (no pre-booking required)